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  1. Search the place: After boarding the train before taking the seat search the place thoroughly. If there is any abandoned /unclaimed article inform the police /Railway authorities immediately.

  2. Beware of explosives: The public should not touch the articles like Toys, Radio/Transistor, Suitcase, Tiffins, pen/pencil etc. which could be an explosive, do not panic inform the nearest police official/Station or the Railway authorities.

  3. Beware of unknown person: Do not accept any eatable like biscuit, pakoda, bread, ladoo, tea, coffee, milk, water and parsad from any unknown person. These may be poisonous. Before offering such things these unknown person tries to become over friendly& shall loot you after you become unconscious.

  4. Safety of luggage: Do not trust your luggage or articles to any unknown person and do not keep unknown personís luggage with you.                 

  5. Beware of criminals: Beware of pick-picketers, chain-snatchers. Such criminals often do their job in crowded place.

  6. Precaution on journey: While on journey trust only the authorized vendors & authorized kuliís.


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